Partnership Network With Global Brands

BAI works closely with our partners to supply our customers with exceptional service

  • Cummins genuine parts and service. Dependability that matters.
  • The ZF EcoLife automatic gearboxes can be installed in the R9 Rear Engine Super Luxury 32 seater F11 Front Engine 63 Seater
  • We sell original Fleetguard filters

Rely on us

Buying a bus is a long-term investment. We are there to help you look after that investment by providing you with consistent, quality service.

Genuine Spare Parts

Our spares distribution model follows global trends of centralised spare parts distribution. Our spares warehouse is located in Boksburg and enables our customers to purchase Yutong genuine spare parts in an easy and convenient way. We also employ service experts that will provide you with correct, comprehensive and prompt service regarding the ordering of your spare parts.

Technical Support Team and Integrated Operational Systems

We have a fully trained technical support team consisting of administrative staff, mechanics and assistants that have been trained on Yutong vehicles to assist you with all vehicle breakdowns, technical specifications and information that you may require and keep your vehicle on the road 24/7.


All Yutong vehicles come with a 150,000km warranty, or 18 months, whichever comes first. The warranty is subject to the vehicle being operated according to the manufacturers specifications. The Warranty is supplied by Yutong, China, and is facilitated on behalf of the customer by Bus Africa Importation (Pty) Ltd.

Technical Information

Providing readily available technical information that will help you support the technical operation of your bus

Customer Product Training

As part of our product offering, we assist our customers with training on Yutong vehicles both in terms of operations and technical knowledge.

Did you know?

  • Normal tap water is damaging your engine
  • There are mineral depsoits in tap water
  • The PH level of anti-freeze and tap water mixed becomes unpredictable
  • Life-of-the-engine, 1,000,000 mile coolant provides antifreeze and antiboil protection
  • Superior liner pitting and corrosion protection
  • Superior aluminium and solder protection
  • Optimises cooling system performance and water pump life
  • For all diesel, gas and gasoline/petrol engines.